What is ungrading?

Ungrading is the process of leaving out grades, but it is not a method in which teachers stop evaluating students; instead, they are constantly evaluating their students progress by giving feedback or tips to help them improve.
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We created a planning document, please collaborate along with us at https://bit.ly/ungradingplanningdoc

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Ungrading benefits students in different ways:
Not having grades motivates students to take risks without getting a bad grade for doing it.
Real learning
Students think of the course as a way to learn more, not just something else to memorize.
Less fear
Grades create fear of failing. A bad grade make students feel they´re not capable of achieving something.


If you are interested in learning more about ungrading check our blog. You have nothing to loose!
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We are a group of teachers and students that wish to transform the traditional education system and implement ungrading as the base of teaching.
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Ken Bauer

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